Weight110 g
Dimensions5 × 5 × 3 in

Black, Neon Green, Neon Orange, White, White Rope With Black Handles, Yellow

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Image #1 from David Man
Image #1 from David Man

David Man

Very happy with the rope, and the tutorial is very helpful to understand how to skip rope like Floyd Mayweather :) Thanks, Honor Athletics team

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Image #1 from David Man
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  1. David Man

    Very happy with the rope, and the tutorial is very helpful to understand how to skip rope like Floyd Mayweather 🙂 Thanks, Honor Athletics team

    Honorathletics speedrope
    Image #1 from David Man
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  2. Ketan T

    I’ve been looking online on how to jump rope and found the honor athletics videos and training guides which I thought were really good. My jump rope was shitty crappy so I decided to buy the honor athletics jump rope seeing as they’ve been helping me out for free.

    It’s a fantastic jump rope, it’s a good price, seems to be good quality even though I’m jumping on pavers in my backyard, and it’s super easy to wrap up and put away or take with if I wanted to go to the gym with it.

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  3. Petr

    I just started boxing and saw online that jumping rope is one of the best methods for getting your endurance and stamina up to a good level. So I’ve been looking for the best jump rope for beginners but with a focus on boxing. I found a few options but loved that honor athletics are in Toronto and focus their products on boxing fitness.

    It’s also really helpful that it comes with a guide with some good instructions and options for getting started, because I’m a total beginner and don’t want to waste my time doing the wrong type of training.

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  4. Mario G

    I haven’t jumped rope since I was a kid but I’ve been looking into how to start jump rope again because all the lockdowns keep shutting the gyms and I don’t really want to run around the city with all the crazies out there. What I also found was that jump rope is much better on my knees than running and because I can adjust this jump rope I can alternate my training options.

    I saw online that you can use a shorter jump rope for speed and HIIT training and a longer rope for longer training when HIIT tires you out too much. So it’s great I don’t have to buy two jump ropes and the honor athletics jump rope gives me everything I need for my workouts.

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  5. Guillermo N

    I’m a huge boxing fan and I’m trying to do some of the routines that Floyd Mayweather uses in his training, so I was looking for what jump rope he uses so I can work with the best. Unfortunately the brand he uses isn’t available here but someone online suggested the rush athletics jump rope was the same.

    I’m not sure if it really is the same, but I got the rush athletics jump rope and it was a waste of money. It worked okay, but it just wore down and broke after a few months. So I paid for an expensive short-term rental of the rush athletics jump rope. BUT! I got the honor athletics jump rope for a better price and so far there is no sign of wear or breakdown that I saw with the rush one, so I’m extremely happy that I’m not wasting my money this time.

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  6. Brad W

    I’ve been watching Floyd Mayweather jump rope on Youtube and trying to improve my skills. The biggest issue I’ve been facing is when I do crossovers and other fast movements with my Walmart jump rope it seems to shorten up on me because it doesn’t react fast enough.

    I found Floyd used a flash rope for this type of issue, and the honor athletics flash jump rope has been perfect to work around this issue, so now I can really improve my stamina, speed, and tricking.

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  7. Andriy Bartash

    The Honor Athletics flash rope is the same type of rope that Floyd Mayweather uses most of the time. It’s designed for extreme speed and getting your endurance and stamina built up for fast-paced training.

    With the Honor Athletics speed rope, I’m able to really get my speed up and keep it consistent, especially if I do more than just jump and add some moves into the mix. It lets me easily go and down in speed for optimal HITT training, whereas lots of poorly designed ropes seem to get tangled up or hit your shins as you try to move up and down in speed.

    Fantastic jump rope, and I love that it’s the same one that Floyd Mayweather uses.

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  8. Bert. J.

    Honor Athletics have an amazingly designed speed rope, it’s the same type that Floyd Mayweather uses and gives you a chance to build up your speed over time. It’s also adjustable in length, so you can easily modify it to match your requirements in different styles of training.

    I can much more easily follow along with some of the training videos that Floyd puts out with a better quality jump rope that actually designed for boxing training and speed work. Thanks Honor Athletics for providing a high quality but still affordable jump rope.

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